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Kim Bum

Fans of actor Kim Bum So Yi Jung Korean F4 in Mega Drama Asia Indosiar Boys Over Flowers this time will be given a collection of photographs accompanied by Kim Bum profile. His thousand-watt smile emang make any girl melt hehe. Kim Bum (Kim Sang Bum was born on July 7, 1989) is a South Korean actor who has appeared in numerous television series and dramas such as Korea Unstoppable High Kick and East of Eden. However, his name began rising after the role play So Yi Jung in popular boys before flowers. He said the Kim Bum has not had a girlfriend loh, ganteng2 wah yah do not have a girlfriend? Here is some info about Kim Bum.

childhood, Kim Bum very happy watching television, particularly music and film events. He also often provides a critique of the films he watched. Well, true talent entertainers have seen from the small, ya!

• Career Kim Bum began when she starred in High Kick (2006), but his name skyrocketed when he played in drama East of Eden and of course, Boys Over Flowers!

• The guy who has a sweet smile is a hobby really play football. He joined the school football team and occupy the position of striker. Kim Bum was idolized Cristiano Ronaldo.

• Nah just football and acting, Kim Bum is also good at playing the piano. His expertise was never he exhibited when performing in the F4 Special which aired on KBS television station.

• Personality Kim Bum with So Yi Jung on Boys Over Flowers is very much different. "I'm shy, easy to join the baseball people, and somewhat less attention beautiful woman," he said modestly. (Onyit: Huh? The sihh??)

• Friend for Kim Bum is essential. If it is too late, usually Kim Bum directly gathered with his friends. Whether just hanging out, laughing, or chatting.

• Kim Bum claim to have never had a girlfriend in his life. "But if a girlfriend, I wanted her to cook and make lunch for me. Usually due to a solid shooting schedule, I often forget to eat lunch. "He said. (Onyit: Eating lunch Onyit artificial aja want baseball? Specials, lhoooo!)

• Recently, Kim Bum just stop the contract in a war movie that is still in the process of filming, titled 71. The reason, filming schedule was very intensive shooting schedule clashed with the drama Dream. Shhh .. to play this Dream, Kim Bum devoted to learning two kinds of sport martial arts, you know!

• Kim Bum was chosen by Nintendo to appear in advertisements Mario Kart Wii game. Clearly, this is an honor for Kim Bum, because Nintendo is known as a brand that only choose artists who are well known and international’s labels

Kim Bum was born in Korea, where Kim Sang Bum. Kim Bum is the name of the artist. Kim Bum was born in Korea on July 7, 1989.
2006 : Unstoppable High Kick! as Kim Bum/김범
2006 : Rainbow Romance 236
2006 : Rude Woman as 지후/ Ji Hoo
2008-2009 : East of Eden as Young Lee Dong-cheol
2009 : Boys Over Flowers as 소이정 /So Yi Jeong

Kim Bum also never played in several films, namely:
2007 : I Like it Hot as Lee Ho-jae
2008 : Death Bell as Kang Hyeon
2009 : Sex and The city as Lee Jung

SHOW with Shim Eun Kyeong
Spris Catalogue with Go Ara
LG Telecom Teenring
Samsung Haptic with Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon and Son Dam Bi
Anycall Bodyguard with Kim So Eun
Mario Kart (Wii)
We Live in OZ (WE START) with Kim Kibum, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Min Ji, Yoo Seung Ho and Choi Ara

2007.12.21 Korea MNET Summer break 20s choice – Sexiest Award (with 김혜성)
2008 DK Inki Award
2009 Key To Nineja’s heart

kim bum to Indonesia to meet fans.

Kim Bum is one of the series players 'Boys Over Flowers' (BFF). He visited Indonesia to meet with his fans in the ground water.

Kim Bum is wearing a white shirt, gray blazer and white pants held a news conference at the Sands, Mangga Dua Square, Friday, August 6, 2010.

Throughout held a news conference, Kim Bum does not stop smiling. No wonder if he was nicknamed 'The Killer Smile' (death smiles). Meaning smile, according to Kim Bum, because he was always thinking positive.

Kim Bum was pleased with the reception fans in Indonesia. "When I landed, I was warmly welcomed by journalists and fans, I'm so glad. I can information from friends who've been here, they also can be a very good reception," said Kim Bum on the mat his press conference on Friday afternoon , August 6, 2010 at Mangga Dua Square.

Kim Bum came to Indonesia after a long preparation. He once said hello to the people of Korea who was in Indonesia.

Korean actor also talked about the closeness to the players 'Boys Over Flowers' other.

"I am familiar with Lee Min Hoo, at least three times a week for lunch together. Usually also play ball with Kim Joong Hyu once a week. But lately seldom meet again, so over the phone wrote," he said.

Before Indonesia, Kim Bum and his colleagues at the BFF also has to meet his fans in Shanghai and Thailand. "Four other BFF personnel also will go to Japan," he said in front of journalists.

When the fans are allowed in, they immediately saw Kim Bum hysterical. Fans at the VVIP class is allowed only asking for autographs on posters Kim Bum. But there are also fans the 'naughty' and reckless shook Kim Bum.

There are also fans who use wheelchairs and participate in queue. When giving his signature, Kim Bum seemed always smiling

for those who do not understand english, I have provided a translator at the right side

 What relationship with Kim Bum health articles:

Answer: For Someone Who Seeing his idol, thought they would be jerni, their hearts will be quiet, which makes them to think positively, learn more please look at HERE about the benefits of thinking posotif

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